Scrapers & Knives

Scrapers are tools that are used to remove a wide range of substances from various materials and surfaces, such as adhesives, sealants and fillers, paint and decorative coverings (wallpaper, vinyl etc.). They are also commonly used for removing dirt and other unwanted debris, such as rust or grime.

Scrapers are designed to remove materials such as adhesives, sealants, paint and decorative coverings such as vinyl or wallpaper. They are a stalwart of any DIY enthusiasts and professional trades-person's toolbox.

Typically, they feature a metal or plastic scraping blade that allows the right amount of pressure to be applied without damaging the surface being worked on. The result is a smooth finish for painting, plastering, and wallpapering.

Knives are cutting hand tools used in decorating to cut things to precise measurements, however items like a putty knife can be used to spread and distribute filler and plaster to smooth over uneven surfaces.

We have a broad selection of scraping tools available from some of the industry's leading brands, including Kennedy, Senator and Harris.

What are scrapers used for?

Besides scraping, scrapers can also be used to smooth out and flatten filler compounds such as putty or plaster, even sealants, to create an even surface.

Scraper and knife types

Paint scrapers - Feature a strong, wide metal head which is designed to remove paint and wallpaper.

Filler knives - Like paint scrapers but with greater flexibility making them ideal for working with filling compounds.

Razor blade scrapers - Come with a sharp, replaceable metal blade edge, suitable for removing high bond materials such as glues, adhesives, paints and putty. They often feature re-tractability or a cover for safety.


What type of scraper or knife do I need?
Picking the right scraper of knife for the job is usually dependent on the application. For example, if applying filler to smooth over a surface a putty or a filler knife would be ideal because of their flexibility. When it comes to removing tough sealants a razor blade scraper would be better suited.

What is the difference between a filler knife and a paint scraper?
The main difference and the short answer is the flexibility of the blade. The more rigid paint scraper needs to be so in order to apply the right amount of pressure to get underneath the surface of the layer being scraped, where as a filler knife needs to apply pressure through surface area to smooth out surfaces and the additional flexibility helps with this.