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Capture sensors

10 Variations

• The CAPTURE sensor is part of the industry leading CAPTURE System,providing highly accurate torque measurement for hand and power Torque tools
• Built-in flexibility as the Torque Sensor can be mounted horizontally or vertically without the need for any accessories
• Fast to set up when used with a Capture Display due to the imbedded Quicktec technology which passes all the Sensor information to the Display
• Remove human error from testing by using the Capture Torque Sensor with the ISO 1500/90 Torque Loading System (Adaptor required)
• To protect the Torque Sensor when not in use it is supplied in a high impact plastic carry case
• Easy to repair due to modular design that allows for simple component replacement
• For users with limited space who need to change Sensors between tests the Quick Change Plate increases calibration productivity