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Square Drive Torque Wrenches

3 Variations

With a reversible ratchet head, these square drive torque wrenches are an accurate way of applying your desired torque to a fastening. Possessing a 'Click & Snap' action to indicate when the preset torque level has been reached, each product is also engraved with a kgf.m and Nm scale on the barrel. Completed by a micrometer type sleeve to allow you to preset your desired torque level and a moulded carry case.

Features and Benefits
• 'Click & Snap' action informs the user as to when the preset torque level has been reached
• Barrel possesses both kgf.m and Nm scales to suit your preferences
• Micrometer type sleeve allows for torque values to be preset with precision and accuracy
• Supplied in a moulded carry case for ease of storage and transportation
• Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs

Typical Applications
• Automotive
• Engineering
• Construction

• ISO 6789-2:2017