Grease gun hoses are a great way to navigate tight spaces when using a grease gun. Cromwell stock a range of grease gun hoses from brands like Stephens and Kennedy so you'll be sure to find one suitable for your grease gun.

What are grease gun hoses?

Grease gun hoses are designed to replace the rigid end nozzles on a grease gun to allow for greater freedom of movement in enclosed workspaces. They come on a range of sizes and varieties for easy attachment.

Why grease gun hoses?

Sometimes when applying lubricating grease to an appliance the area in need of lubrication is tucked away or difficult to access. In this case a hose would be a better option than a rigid tube as it allows for flexibility in getting into hard-to-reach areas.

Considerations when choosing a grease gun hose

There are various sizes of grease gun hose compatible with the different designs of grease guns. To ensure you select one suitable for your make and model of grease gun, make sure that you select the right sized fitting.