Spray Guns & Accessories

An efficient way to apply paint and varnish to surfaces, spray guns and spray equipment come in a variety of types for a range of applications. Cromwell stock spray guns and accessories from leading national brands like Star and products from our exclusive brand Kobe Red Line so you can be assured of finding the right spray gun for your application.

What are spray guns and accessories?

Spray guns are designed to spray paint and varnish onto surfaces applying them evenly and efficiently. They are used to spray metals, wood stone, plastics ceramics, and a whole host of substrates even textiles. They are commonly found in industrial finishing or manufacturing applications.

They typically feature an airhead, nozzle a flow regulator and a tank as components.

Accessories can be purchased to enhance your spray gun, such as spare or extra nozzles, repair kits to fix your spray gun, or filters to keep your spray gun working to an optimum level.

Why spray guns and accessories?

The main advantage of applying a paint or varnish via a spray gun is that they are highly efficient at getting an even coverage, not only this, but there is less waste meaning they are more economical. Their ease of use is also a time saver allowing quicker production in large industrial environments. They can be configured to spray in accordance to the contents of the tank as well as the surface being sprayed.

When to use spray guns and accessories?

Spray guns are ideal for use in both a domestic and professional setting to ensure an even finish and easier application.

Types of spray guns and spray equipment

There are many different types of spray guns, however they can easily be classified by the pressure they use and the transfer method:

• Airless - Uses compressed air to force the paint through the nozzle however the air does not mix with the paint in the tank and is mostly used with high viscosity paints.

• Airless Assisted - Functions in the same way as airless spray gun, but the pressure is used to soften the paint pattern generated by the pump.

• Conventional - These tend to be suction, or gravity fed and feature low pressures.

• HVLP - High pressure low volume. These spray guns are ideal for reducing loss of paint during spraying, meaning more paint ends up on the surface being painted and less is lost to the air. They are mostly reserved for detail work and aren't ideal for large surface areas.

• Electrostatic - These use electrostatic technology to aid the transference of the paint to the surface.

Considerations when choosing a spray gun and spray equipment

Because of the variables involved with spray jobs there are a few considerations to take into account when choosing the correct spray gun and equipment for the job.

• Application - What kind of paint and or varnish will you be using and what surface is it being applied to? Is the surface area large or small and how many of them will need spraying?

• Equipment and accessories needed - Do you require the use of a filter, additional tanks, hoses cups or bombs?

• Frequency of use - What is the capacity of the spray gun and does it match the volume of work in need of completion?

Spray guns and accessories jargon buster

We want to ensure that you make an informed purchasing decision, so we've outlined some key terminology relating to spray guns and accessories so that you can shop our range with ease.

What does HVLP mean in relation to spray guns?

HVLP stands for High Volume, Low Pressure. This type of spray gub is often also referred to as a turbo sprayer or turbo spray gun.


Is it better to paint with a roller or a spray gun?

Whilst spray guns are easier and quicker, they have the capacity to become messy if not handled with care or by a professional. Neither is inherently better than the other, and depedning on your application and the intended use one may be superior over the other.