Door Closers

Door closers are designed to close doors in a controlled manner, they are typically found in commercial building attached to double doors in entrance way or on exit doors like fire doors. Cromwell stock a range of door closers designed for a multitude of applications, from brands like Matlock.

What door closers?

A door closer is device designed to return a door to its closed position after it has been opened. They are typically found on fire doors to ensure the door remains closed when not in use. They come in a range of types designed for different applications, but they typically serve the same function, with a few minor differences.

Why door closers?

Doors like fire doors need to be closed to offer the right level of protection in the event of fire. Other doors like entrance doors need to close automatically for security reasons.

When are door closers used?

Door closers are often found in offices, warehouses, schools or any building that possesses fire doors to comply with health and safety regulations.

Types of door closers

Overhead - These door closers are surface mounted and fitted to the head of a door they come as either a slide arm or scissor arm configuration. They are mounted on doors like fire doors to ensure proper closure.

Concealed - These are an aesthetically pleasing version of the overhead door closer, fitted in the leaf or frame. They are a good solution for educational environments where damage to door closers can occur.

Floor - also known as floor springs, these door closers are mounted in the floor, in a cement box. They are typically used for heavy doors.

Considerations when choosing a door closer

The type of door - Educational environments can be a hazard for overhead door closers as these are exposed and can end up easily broken if forced or hung on.

Door closer jargon buster

All types of door closing devices are covered by the EN 1154 standard.

Lets break it down...

• EN - Conforms to the European Standard.

• 1154 - The legislation of which the door closer conforms to.

There are 7 classes of door closer. Classes 1 and 2 are not considered for use on fire doors


Are door closers required on fire doors?

In residential settings it is usually a legal requirement for a door closer to be installed on fire doors. This ensures that they are closed at all times which can help prevent the rapid spreading of fire within the building.

Do door closers wear out?

Like any moving component eventually door closers can wear out through continued use. Signs the closer has worn out include the door slamming hard as opposed to smooth movement and function.