No matter if you are replacing a part, engineering a new mechanism, or simply making systems more user friendly, hand levers are an essential part to manually activating, deactivating and adjusting machinery. At Cromwell you can choose from a huge selection of Ganter© levers compatible with female and male threads, renowned for durability and optimal performance.

What are hand levers?

Hand levers are a type of manual hand switch for machinery that allows the user to activate and deactivate systems with the simple turn of a bar or handle. They are user friendly because the function simply adjusts from one operation to another and can be added to any system compatible with female or male threads.

When are safety trainers used?

When engineering any sort of machinery or changing a system to allow it to be manually activated or deactivated, a hand lever can be a very helpful tool. They are extremely easy to install and used for a huge selection of different mechanisms. There are endless ways to implement hand levers into systems.

Considerations when choosing hand levers

Handle - The handle of a hand lever can vary in size, material and grip to suit the needs of the user and the machinery. It is important to consider how the size of the handle will affect how activation and deactivation of the system or machinery works.

Thread - The thread of the hand lever is important regarding the compatibility of the machinery with the handle. At Cromwell, we offer a huge selection of female and male threads to suit holes and bolts when adding on hand levers.


What is the difference between male and female threads in relation to hand levers?

The thread of a handle lever does not affect the handle but is related to how the application of the lever connects to the machinery. Male connectors have a plug that has a solid pin for a conductor of application and is then inserted in the machinery. Whereas, female threads are commonly referred to as jacks and has a hole in it that accepts a pin that is already attached to the machinery.