Window Film

Protect glass from dirt and damage with window film from Cromwell online. We stock a choice of user-friendly window films suitable for general use, privacy screening or protection when decorating. We carefully select our materials and maintenance products from market-leading brands, like Everbuild® to give our customers the quality they deserve.

What is window film?

Designed for a wide range of uses, window film is especially advantageous when moving to a new office. Used widely to protect large panes of glass against dirt and scratches, window film or glass protector as its sometimes known, is frequently used in public spaces and when decorating as a convenient masking tape. Black-out or coloured films are an excellent solution to creating privacy in glass-walled offices, and thicker films have the added advantage of strengthening glass against breakage and preventing shatter on floors for safety. Available in a range of sizes and colours, it features a self-adhesive coating to allow for easy application and quick, clean removal.

Why buy window film?

Window film is available in different thicknesses and designs for use in multiple applications and is a convenient and cost-effective option.

When is window film used?

Ideal for single-use protection against damage and marking, window film rolls provide more coverage to glass panels than rolls of masking tape and are an easy-to-use alternative.

When required for safety purposes in public buildings, window film must be a minimum thickness of 100 microns, with the maximum 300-micron designs used to for security against theft and intruders. Patterned and frosted designs allow for privacy in offices, to allow light in but distort the view out.

Window film types

Window film has a multitude of uses and is available in a wide range of designs and with different features for both professional and domestic use...

Adhesive window film   -   This type of window film is available in a wide range of types and designs. It can be retrofitted to glass and is quick and easy to apply.

Static cling film   -   Similar to adhesive window film, static cling film can be a bit trickier to apply, but it stays put and does the job well.

Pre-taped masking film   -   Perfect for use when decorating, this user-friendly film easily masks off large areas for reliable protection when decorating.

Considerations when choosing window film

Protection type - choose window film based on the type of protection you need, whether that be protection against paint splashes, scratches or broken splintered glass, there's a type of window film for you.

Dimensions - take the surface area of the glass into consideration, but also the thickness of film you require. Different thicknesses will let more or less light in depending on what you're looking for.

Features - some window film is designed specifically to block out light or UV rays, while other types provide protection against smash and grab incidents.


What's the best thickness for window security film?

We recommend 300 + microns for security window film. While it won't prevent a determined burglar from eventually breaking a window, it will slow them down enough for other security measures to be acted upon to capture the culprit or minimise the losses.

Does window film stay on?

Simply put, yes. Once fitted window films will stay put for years until you choose to remove or replace it.