Expanding Files

If you need an organisational system for documents but are short on space, an expanding file is just the tool for this job. Used in the workplace and the home office, it is a practical way to keep documents safe in an organised fashion. Cromwell stock a range of expanding files from brands such as Cathedral, Qconnect, Elba and Fellows.

What are expanding files?

Expanding files are folders that expand to let you store and organise a high volume of paperwork.

When are expanding used?

Expanding files are used within the office workspace or at home for keeping paperwork together but in an organised, space saving way. They can store a high volume of paperwork and have tabs that can be labelled for ease of organising the documents.

Considerations when choosing an expanding file

Pocket size - How much paperwork you have to file depends on the size of your expanding file. They come in a range of sizes from the single legal style expanding wallet, to a 21 pocket file.

Material - The main types available are usually made from either card/paper or plastic. The type of file you should choose depends on whether there is a risk of liquid damage, if this is the case a plastic file would be a better option.

Shape - The files come in a range of shapes, box, folder and wallet. How you would decide to store the files and how portable you would need them to be would need to be taken into consideration.


Why would I need an expanding file?

Expanding files are an efficient way of storing important paperwork in one place, they are easily portable, meaning you can bring them to meetings and events.