Body Warmers

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What are body warmers?

Sometimes called a Gillet, body warmers are designed to keep the body's core warm while allowing flexible movement of the arms. A body warmer is ideal as part of the layering method of keeping warm, where clothing retains heated air between each layer to keep the body warm. Some body warmers feature removeable liners and hoods for wetter weather, but the general design is armless with a zip or button closure.

Why buy body warmers?

When performing manual labour in an outdoor environment, its important to maintain ease of movement as well as warmth. A jacket or fleece may prove cumbersome, while sleeves might catch or hinder work. Body warmers are a practical solution to this, as they sit tight to the body, but still allow for movement and flexibility.

When are body warmers used?

Often used for outdoor work on building sites or in colder warehouses during winter, body warmers are frequently worn by builders, pickers and packers and other manual workers during the colder months.

Body warmer types

While the classic body warmer design remains the same, there are a range of different methods used for insulating the wearer and protecting against wind and rain...

Quilted body warmers   -   This style features insulation made from synthetic fibres or bird down. The quilted stitching traps the insulation into padded pockets which store heat and help to maintain body temperature.

Fleece body warmer   -   Made from polyester, fleece is lightweight and breathable. This style is often more slimline and works well with multiple layers.

Technical body warmer   -   Targeted at a specific audience, technical body warmers are designed specifically for a sport or for hobbyists and include features, like multiple pockets and waterproofing.

Game wax body warmer   -   Manufactured using wax cotton and lined with material, this type of body warmer is often used in agricultural settings or hobbies, like shooting for example. They're both water and windproof and very durable.

Considerations when choosing a body warmer

Size - choose a body warmer that fits well but has some give in it. This way you'll be able to wear it over your clothing layers without limiting movement.

Material - if you're exposed to the elements on a daily basis, choose a material that protects against wind and rain. For indoor work in cold warehouses for example, a fleece body warmer is ideal.

Closure type - there's a range of closures to choose from, including buttons, zips, and storm flaps, which feature a combination of both. For protection against the elements, storm flaps are the best option, while zips are quick to open and close for quick and easy fitting and removal.

Added features - additional design features can aid in comfort and protection against wind and rain. For example, drawcords at the waist of a body warmer can help to prevent gusts of wind, while hoods protect against rain, but also help to insulate the wearer against the cold.

Body warmers jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of body warmers, so we've highlighted and explained some key terms to allow you to make a confident purchasing decision.

What is a gilet and how does it differ from a body warmer?

The two terms are actually used interchangeably and refer to the same product. However, body warmer is the more commonly used term for the item of clothing.


How tight should a body warmer be?

Body warmers are meant to fit closely to the body, but not to be so tight as to restrict movement. When looking at sizing for a body warmer, always consider the layers you'll wear underneath to ensure you'll still have freedom of movement once the body warmer is done up.

What does body-mapping mean on a gilet?

Body-mapping is a design technique where insulation is incorporated into specific areas of a body warmer to maintain the best levels of body heat without adding any bulk to the garment.