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4540+ Protective White & Blue Coveralls

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This single-use coverall is soft and comfortable for extended wear. The laminated material provides excellent protection against type 5 and 6 splashes and particulate and can be worn in conjunction with complimentary PPE for added protection.

Features and Benefits
• Elasticated waist, ankles, and cuffs for unrestricted movement and user comfort
• Three-panel hood to easily wear in conjunction with other complimentary PPE
• Two-way zip closure with a sealable flap to prevent catching
• Low-linting material to prevent product contamination
• Back panel allows for airflow and breathability for comfort during prolonged wear
• Reinforced gusset for a robust product

• CE Category III
• EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 Type 6 Liquid Splash
• EN ISO 13982-1:2004 Type 5 Hazardous Dusts
• EN 1073-2:2002 Particulate Radioactive Contamination
• EN1149-5:2008 Anti-static coating on both sides

• Article 10 Certification: BTTG Testing and Certification Ltd
• Article 11B Supervision: SGS United Kingdom Ltd

• All apparel must be suitably grounded for anti-static treatment to be effective
• Product must never be altered or modified
• Does not protect against heavy oils, sparks, flame, or combustible liquids
• Does not protect against high mechanical risks
• Does not protect against hazardous substances beyond Type 5/6 certification
• Do not use in excessive heat conditions