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AlphaTec® 87-108 Advanced Chemical Protection Gloves, Black

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The Ansell AlphaTec 87-108 Chemical-Resistant Gauntlet Gloves are crafted from natural rubber latex, chlorinated for enhanced durability. These gloves offer flexible and reliable protection, featuring a 610mm length to safeguard wrists and forearms from splash-back. With good resistance to water-based chemicals, they are well-suited for various applications, particularly in agriculture, construction, and the chemical industry. Trusted for their quality and versatility, these gloves provide essential protection in demanding work environments.

Features and Benefits
• High resistance to water-based chemicals for reliable protection
• Good flexibility and freedom of movement for reduced hand fatigue
• Excellent elasticity for a durable glove with a reduced chance of tearing
• Chlorinated to harden and sanitise the surface of the glove before shipping
• Beaded cuff for easy donning and doffing
• Silicone-free to avoid issues of cross-contamination

Typical Applications
• Agriculture
• Chemical processing and preparation
• Cleaning
• Machinery and equipment
• Automotive
• Construction

• CE Category III
• EN ISO 374-1:2016 AKLMPT
• EN ISO 374-5:2016
• EN 388:2016

• REACH Compliant

• Natural rubber latex may cause sensitivity or skin allergies in some users