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X series Ear Muffs

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For protection against extreme and hazardous noise levels, these lightweight ear defenders provide high levels of attenuation suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Features and Benefits
• Balanced twin headband design for user comfort
• Dielectric insulated wire headband for improved protection
• Soft wide ear pads for improved wearability
• Patented design creates an effective seal and protection
• Spacious inner cup for easy dispersal of moisture and heat
• Mounted version compatible with a wide range of industrial helmets

Typical Applications
• Metal processing
• Airports
• Textile manufacture
• Printing
• Engineering
• Foundry works
• Automotive
• Steelworks
• Mining and quarrying

• EN352-1:2002 (PLT9588760V)
• EN352-3:2002 (PLT9588762Y)

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