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Hairnets, Bouffants & Beard Nets

Keep hygiene standards high with hair nets and beard nets from Cromwell. Available in a range of materials and styles, we stock bulk purchase hair covering solutions from well-known brands, Pal® and Sitesafe®.

What are hair nets & beard nets?

Hair nets and beard nets are designed to cover and contain hair on the head and face. Hair nets are available in a range of types, and are typically made from thin, elasticated material or have an elasticated rim to secure the cover to the head.

Beard nets resemble face masks in that they feature elasticated loops to secure over the ears and keep the net in place. They have a large covering material to allow for complete containment of facial hair.

Why buy hair nets & beard nets?

Hair coverings allow for the control and containment of facial hair in food production and catering industries. Wearing these items prevents the contamination of food and food preparation equipment and maintains hygiene standards.

When are hair nets and beard nets used?

When catering and serving food, it's important to keep the risks of contamination to a minimum. Therefore, employees who handle and serve food must wear hair coverings and facial hair coverings alongside gloves and aprons.

This is also the case in laboratory settings where testing samples and chemicals must remain untainted. Industrial applications, including machine handling require employees with long hair and long beards to wear hair coverings to avoid hair becoming trapped in moving machines.

Hair net & beard net types

Hair nets are available in a range of materials and types to suit different industries, hair lengths and coverage requirements. Most are available for bulk purchase where one size fits all.

• Hair nets   -   Usually made with nylon netting material, hair nets are a close-fitting hair covering

• Beard covers   -   Designed to cover facial hair to prevent contamination when working in food preparation

• Mob caps   -   Made from thermally bonded material for strength, these disposable hair covers that are elasticated to comfortably cover the hair

• Bouffant caps   -   Generously sized to suit all lengths of hair, this style of hair covering is lightweight and comfortable for extended wear

• Snood caps   -   These offer a combination of a hair net and a peaked cap to provide full hair coverage

Considerations when choosing hair nets & beard nets

Coverage - the different styles and materials of hair and beard nets available offer different levels of coverage. Netting material does well to control and contain the hair, while thermally bonded covers provide a solid covering with no gaps.

Hair length - there are roomier hair coverings available to hold and control longer hair, while beard nets tend to offer a larger surface area as standard.

Hair net & beard net jargon buster

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) enforce legislation in the production and distribution of food in the UK and Ireland and covers everything from the accurate labelling of food products to the food given to livestock. This independent government body protects consumers through the implementation of codes of practice and legislation.

What is the Food Safety Act, 1990?

The FSA enforces a series of responsibilities on food businesses and suppliers to ensure the public only purchase safe and uncontaminated food.

Let's break it down...

• Food preparation must not be altered in any way, including the addition or removal of anything that may damage health when consumed

• Food that is both sold and served must be of the quality and standards expected by the consumer

• Food labelling must be accurate and must not mislead the consumer in any way


Do food handlers have to wear hair nets and beard nets by law?

There is no law in place where food production workers or serving staff must wear hair or beard nets. However, to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Act, 1990 (discussed above), wearing these items helps to minimise food contamination and maintain hygiene standards; and so, they are required by most businesses.

Do beard nets work?

Yes. When preventing contamination in kitchen and laboratory settings, beard nets catch fallen hair. They also contain long beards to prevent the hair from getting caught in moving machines.