Jackets & Coats

When working in colder climes, adverse weather conditions or in a workplace that is subject to unavoidable hazards, having the right jacket or coat is crucial to maintain worker safety and comfort. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of men's, women's and unisex jackets and coats from leading brands such as Mascot®, Regatta® and Orn.

Why jackets and coats?

Whether it be to keep you warm during the colder months, provide a protective outer layer or for specific resistant purposes, jackets and coats are a simple and highly effective piece of clothing. Used across almost all industries and locations including warehouses, maintenance and repair work, laboratories or workshops, we sell a wide variety of jackets and coats to ensure you find the right product for your needs.

Jackets and coats can be made from various materials depending on the desired properties of the product. For example, polyester is widely used in the manufacture of jackets and coats due to its lightweight and breathable properties and is often blended with cotton for warmth and comfort. They generally possess a button, zip or hook and loop closure to keep heat in and have additional features such as pockets for personal effects or in some cases, a hood.

Whilst the two terms are often used interchangeably, generally speaking jackets are shorter in length, usually designed to end at the waist, whereas coats are longer and can cover a larger portion of the body.

Jackets and coats types

There are numerous types and styles of jacket and coat to choose from, all of which possess various features and benefits. We've outlined the most common types below to help you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Soft shell jacket   -   Unlike their hard shell counterparts, soft shell jackets are generally manufactured from a knitted outer fabric which makes it more stretchy and more breathable for a comfortable wear. They are most often waterproof and wind resistant with a warmer inner fabric such as polycotton.

Warehouse coat   -   As they sound, this style of coat is designed for use as an outer layer in warehouses. They are designed as a top layer to protect workers clothing from dust and debirs and to reduce the likelihood of contamination. They are generally longer in the body than jackets and have a full length fastening.

Fleece jacket   -   Fleece jackets are manufactured from a fleece material and are designed to keep the wearer warm. They are most often quick drying and lightweight despite their primary function of providing warmth and most commonly possess a zip closure.

Lab coat   -   Suited for use primarily in laboratories, lab coats are designed to protect the wearer against potentially harmful splashes or contaminants. Depending on the fabric and its resistant properties, some lab coats are designed to protect against other harmful substances such as chemicals, heat or even fire.

Waterproof coat/jacket   -   As the name suggests, waterproof coats or jackets serve the primary function of protecting the wearer against adverse weather conditions and the ingress of water. They are extremely useful for workers that work outside in the colder months such as maintenance and repair workers.

Work jacket   -   A generic term that encompasses jackets made from a variety of materials, work jackets are generally characterised by their boxy fit, durable nature and multiple pockets for ample storage of personal effects. They are designed for everyday punishing wear.


How should jackets fit?

As with most items of work clothing, jackets and coats should be roomy enough to not restrict movement, whilst not being too oversized as this could lead to the product getting caught in machinery. For the most accurate measurements, check the brand measurements to be sure you get the correct product for you.