Kneeling Pads

A convenient alternative to strap-on knee pads, kneeling pads are an effective way of reducing fatigue, discomfort, and injury when performing any kind of kneeling task.

Whatever your usage, Cromwell stocks a variety of durable and effective kneeling pads - so you're bound to find the right one for you.

What are kneeling pads?

Kneeling pads resemble a soft, durable mat that users can kneel on to prevent the leg stress, fatigue, and discomfort associated with kneeling on hard floors.

They are generally made from soft materials that provide excellent comfort and are typically resistant to chemicals, oils, and water - making them suitable for usage in virtually any environment.

Why buy kneeling pads?

Perfect for workers, professionals, and hobbyists across a wide range of industries, kneeling pads are a great way to prevent the leg stress, fatigue, and discomfort associated with kneeling on hard floors. Their anti-fatigue properties provide immediate relief from any stress placed on the knees, reducing cramping and improving blood circulation to the feet.

Not only do kneeling pads create a more comfortable, healthy working environment, they also promote increased productivity, concentration, and working efficiency whilst on the job.

Kneeling pads can also be used to stand and sit on. This protects the feet, lower legs, back, and buttocks from needless strain and injury associated with sitting or standing on hard flooring for long periods of time. For those with existing injuries or medical issues, a good kneeling pad can be the difference between being able to work or not.

A quality kneeling pad can last for years, making them a worthwhile investment for your health and productivity.

When are kneeling pads used?

Kneeling pads are used across virtually every industry, and almost every professional with a job that requires kneeling uses one.

Kneeling pads are most commonly used and valued whilst performing jobs such as:
• Machine maintenance
• Automotive garages
• Decorating
• Repair shops
• Carpet laying
• Roofing
• Gardening
• Plumbing
• Construction

If you're looking for the right kneeling pads for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when choosing kneeling pads

• Material - Ensure the material of your kneeling pads are suitable for your environment. Whilst most pads are resistant to chemicals and oils, it is always worth double-checking to ensure the material of your kneeling pad won't degrade in your working environment.
• Dimensions - Larger kneeling pads provide more flexibility, allowing users to sit and stand on their kneeling pad more comfortably. Smaller kneeling pads are more suitable to tight locations that may be cramped or cluttered.
• Anti-slip - Anti-slip kneeling pads are perfect for use on slippery floors, preventing the chance of them slipping and sliding around. Buy an anti-slip kneeling pad if you regularly work on polished or slippery surfaces.