Air Compressors

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Why buy air compressors?

Air compressors are extremely versatile and adaptable tools. Suitable for use with most air tools, a compressor generates more power than corded or battery-powered tools, while air control allows for clean paint finishes in automotive and cabinetry applications. They provide safe energy and perform well in high temperatures, with cordless and petrol variants providing a portable and convenient source of energy whenever it's needed.

Air compressor types

Air compressors fall under two main types: positive displacement air compressors increase air density while decreasing air volume. While dynamic air compressors increase the velocity of the incoming air using an internal rotating component. As the air passes through the compressor, it transforms into air pressure. As a sub-type, air compressors are available in a range of designs, and we've outlined four of the most common here...

Axial air compressors   -   This is a dynamic type of compressor and works at a continuous flow to produce constant pressure.

Centrifugal air compressors   -   This oil-free air compressor is similar to the Axial model as it is a dynamic design. The continuous flow process produces more power as the pressure is maintained at a constant rate.

Reciprocating air compressors   -   This type of positive displacement air compressor is mainly used for light to medium duty applications. Operating in a similar method to an engine, this single-stage variant uses pistons to compress and store the air.

Rotary screw air compressors   -   Another type of positive displacement air compressor, this double-stage variant traps air between two rotating components, decreasing the volume inside the storage tank.


Which is the most efficient air compressor?

As far as energy efficiency, a smaller, lightweight air compressor generally performs the best when in full compression mode. This points to a reciprocating compressor, which is typically water-cooled to run at lower temperatures. Double-stage variants such as the rotary screw air compressor deliver the best energy efficiency.

Are portable air compressors worth it?

Portable air compressors are especially convenient when working in a location with restricted use or no power source. They work just as well as electric air compressors and their portability is a bonus.