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Carbon Brushes

Ensure your tools are running perfectly and consistently with a replacement carbon brush. Whether it's your drill, angle grinder, saw, or router that needs a new carbon brush, you'll be sure to find the right carbon brush for your tool at Cromwell. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of carbon brushes from leading brands such as Bosch®, DeWalt®, and Makita®.

What are carbon brushes?

Carbon brushes (which are sometimes known as motor brushes) are an important component of power tools which allow power to be transferred between the stationary body of the tool and the rotating mechanism.

When are carbon brushes used?

Carbon brushes use carbon as the main conductive material due to its soft properties allowing it to maintain constant contact. This softness means that it can deteriorate quickly and would need to be replaced. Replacement carbon brushes should be used once the existing carbon brush has worn down resulting in reduced performance.

Considerations when choosing a carbon brush

Model number - This is important to ensure the carbon brush model fits in the tool. This model number should be noted in the instruction manual of the tool.

Pack quantity - The number of carbon brushes provided in the pack. This is crucial for tools which require multiple brushes replaced at once or is ideal to keep as a spare.


How long do carbon brushes last in power tools?

Carbon brushes usually last between 2 to 10 years in power tools, with their longevity being affected by the usage and other factors to do with the tool wear itself.

How many types of carbon brushes are there?

Carbon brushes are available in four main grades: carbon graphite, electrographite, graphite, and metal graphite. The tool manufacturer will determine the best carbon brush to use with their tool so it is only necessary to buy replacement carbon brushes of the same type (usually by the model number provided).