Glue Guns

Cromwell's versatile range of hot glue guns are designed for use throughout a wide range of industries and applications. Perfect for administering hot adhesive glue with ease and efficiency, we have glue guns suitable for use across a wide range of industries.

Cromwell stocks a large range of quality glue guns amongst other adhesives, available in a variety of styles and configurations to suit any job. We offer glue guns by Rapid®, Dremel®, Stickfast®, Steinel® and Bosch®.

What are glue guns?

Glue guns are fairly simple devices that are used for applying hot adhesive glue to surfaces. In terms of design, they are easy to use and allow for stable glue application. This includes a trigger feed that controls the glue output for precise application.

Glue guns require sticks of glue adhesive to be placed in the back of them. The glue gun uses an element to heat the glue stick, turning it into ultra-sticky adhesive for use on a range of products and materials.

Why a glue gun?

The glue gun is an essential tool for those who require an easy method of precisely applying strong adhesive to a wide variety of surfaces and materials. Their precise trigger control allows for accurate and specific adhesive application, preventing excess mess or unwanted glue stains.

The ergonomic design of a glue gun combined with a thin nozzle enables users to apply adhesive in places that would be too small or difficult to reach for other adhesives.

When are glue guns used?

Glue guns have a range of uses across multiple industries. They have a number of practical uses, including craftwork, model making, sealing, repair, and other general assembly tasks.

Glue guns can be used on:
• Wood
• Ceramic
• Plastic
• Fabric
• Glass
• Leather
• Card

If you're looking for personalised recommendations on the right glue gun for your job or application, ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when buying glue guns

• Corded vs. cordless - Glue guns are available with corded or cordless power options. Corded glue guns are limited by the need to be near a power socket, but users won't have to worry about running out of battery or recharging. Cordless glue guns provide great flexibility and range, but heavy-duty usage could be an issue to due battery life.

• Glue output - Bigger, heavy-duty tasks require a greater maximum glue output (G/hr). A large glue output may not be suitable for smaller, more delicate tasks - such as crafting or subtle fixing jobs, so ensure you pick the right G/hr for your tasks.


How long does hot adhesive glue last?
When the hot adhesive glue cools over time, it creates a very strong bond. As it gathers moisture, the adhesive bond strengthens and can be very long lasting depending on the glue stick, gun and surface type.

Are glue gun sticks universal?
Glue gun sticks are available in three main diameter sizes: 7mm, 11mm, and 12mm. Ensure you buy the correct glue gun sticks for your glue gun.