Needle Scalers

For fast-time removal of corrosion, paint and stubborn soiling on a wide range of materials, browse our selection of high-performance needle scalers. We stock pneumatic needle scalers in both straight and piston styles from market-leading brands, Chicago Pneumatic® and Kobe Red Line®.

What are needle scalers?

Used widely on a variety of surfaces, a needle scaler is a powerful cleaning tool used to remove old paint, corrosion, welding splash and more. An excellent alternative to solvents to clean heavily soiled parts, needle scalers use compressed air to move a series of fine, needle-like chisels at a high-speed.

Why needle scalers?

Needle scalers are superb when used on irregular surfaces, as the needle works by adjusting itself to the curves and contours of the desired object, lifting off paint, rust and welding splash quickly and efficiently.

When to use needle scalers?

Needle scalers are most often used in the automotive, industrial and enginnering sectors when removing old rust or paint from components.

Needle scaler types

Needle scalers are available in two body types, with each style offering various benefits to the operator. These styles are available in both pneumatic and electric power supplies with interchangeable needles to suit each task.

• Straight shaft needle scaler   -   Used widely in the automotive industry, this design allows for multiple grip styles depending on user preference. The long body offers an extended reach when cleaning components in engines or in tight spots with limited space

• Piston grip needle scaler   -   With an easy to grip and operate handle, these scalers are ideal when focusing pressure on a difficult area.

Considerations when choosing needle scalers

Body shape - the choice between straight shaft and piston grip needle scalers has an impact on operator comfort and handling style. Straight shaft scalers offer an extended reach into tight areas, while the piston grip style delivers enhanced downward force but has limited reach.

Needle type - the needles used for the scaler are interchangeable to suit the application. Needles with pointed tips are ideal for use on metals and stone surfaces to remove old paint and soiling. Needles with a chisel tip are very sharp and are used on larger surface areas for lifting soiling or texturing a surface.

Power supply - choose between pneumatic and electric to supply power to your scaler. Electric scalers are lightweight but have limited movement due to their corded nature. While pneumatic scalers require less maintenance than their electric counterparts.

Needle scaler jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to navigate our product range, so we've outlined a relevant international standard to help you to better understand the applications of our product range.

What does ISO 28927-9:2009 mean?

ISO 28927-9:2009 outlines the methods used to measure vibrations on hand-held scaling hammers and needle scalers. These are evaluated against similar tools with the results used to establish consistent limits on vibration emissions for enhanced operator safety.

Let's break it down...

• ISO - This is the abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization, the authorising body for international quality and safety standards

• 28927 - This is the legislation number

• 9 - This highlights the part of the document that applies to scaling hammers and needle scalers

• 2009 - This first edition standard was published in this year and was reviewed and confirmed as current in 2020


Can a needle scaler be used on concrete?

Yes, needle scalers are tough tools and can be used to both lift old paint and undercoats and to texture concrete surfaces.

Are needle scalers any good?

Needle scalers are a great tool to add to your arsenal. They may be small, but they pack a punch and make light work of heavy soiling, thick rust or paint, and even remove welding splash.