Bubble wrap has a plethora of uses and is excellent for use as a packing tool. Cromwell stocks a wide variety of bubble wrap sheets from brands like Avon, so you'll never be in short supply.

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material punctuated with spherical pockets of air, or bubbles. It is mostly used as a packing material as it provides cushioning for fragile materials thanks to its air pockets. It is usually supplied in sheets or rolls.

Why bubble wrap?

When it comes to packing fragile items either for home removal or for distribution, there is always a risk of items becoming damaged in transit. Wrapping items in bubble wrap first can significantly reduce the risk of damage thanks to the layers of air pockets surrounding the item, offering it cushioning from impact.

Considerations when choosing bubble wrap

The size of the item - Depending on the size and weight of the item, you might have to consider multiple layers of wrapping to achieve the best level of protection. Heavier items in particular may require large bubbles or several layers of smaller ones to provide enough protection. Thankfully bubble wrap is supplied in sheets or rolls so you can use as much or as little as required.


Is bubble wrap recyclable?

Unfortunately bubble wrap isn't currently recyclable, so it should be disposed of in the waste bin. However, it is possible to reuse bubble wrap that hasn't had the air pockets deflated.

Can bubble wrap be used as an insulator?

Because of it's air pockets, bubble wrap can be used as an insulation material. Some interior walls can be insulated using bubble wrap.