Cromwell stocks a large range of tarpaulins made from a range of different materials from suppliers Matlock and Mudfords so you'll be sure to find one to meet your requirements.

What are tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins are sheets typically made from polyethylene, hessian or canvas that can be used as either a covering or groundsheet as well as a whole host of other applications.

Why tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins have many uses; coverings are a typical one. They are easy to use and many contain metal eyelets at the edges to allow them to be fastened down for greater security.

When tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins can be draped over large items to protect them from dirt and dust, whilst waterproof versions make good coverings for large outdoor items like garden furniture and mechanical equipment to shelter them from the elements.

Tarpaulin types

Tarpaulins in general have similar looks and functions, however the come in a range of different materials which can determine their suitability for various applications.
Cotton-poly/Rip stop  -    Canvas type tarp made with natural cotton fibres and synthetic polyester making them waterproof and breathable as well as resistant to tearing.
Polypropylene  -    Lightweight and woven, yet waterproof and durable.
UV Treated  -    A polypropylene tarpaulin that has been treated to resist colour fade and rotting.
Polyester  -    Polyester tarpaulins when treated with a PU later are waterproof, as well as being lightweight and durable. Their lightweight makes them susceptible to being blown in the wind.
PVC  -    Tarpaulins made from PVC are strong and durable. They are especially good a withstanding the elements.
Polyethylene  -    Used for covering and sheltering, these tarpaulins are coated, strong, waterproof and affordable.

Considerations when choosing a tarpaulin

Use  -   The main consideration when choosing a tarpaulin is the use you intend it for. Whilst most tarpaulins are versatile, some are more suitable for things like outdoor coverage, such as polypropylene (especially UV treated).


What tarps are waterproof?
Most polymer-based tarpaulins are waterproof, including polypropylene and polyethylene.

Can tarpaulin be used as a ground sheet?
Tarpaulins can be used as a ground sheet for work environments, as well as for used with items like tents.