Diamond Discs

Get your diamond blades for tough and efficient cuts on a wide range of different materials. Choose from segmented or continuous rims, a variety of diameters and bores to suit your tool perfectly. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of diamond discs from leading brands such as Milwaukee®, Klingspor®, and Bosch®.

What are diamond discs?

Diamond discs are an abrasive cutting disc which are lined with diamonds on the edges. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world and allow of extremely efficient and powerful cutting action.

When are diamond discs used?

Diamond discs are usually used in industrial and construction environments, due to their heavy-duty nature. Diamond discs are used to cut stone, metal, concrete, cement, brick, tile, and other building materials.

Considerations when choosing a diamond disc

Rim Type - The rim type is an important consideration when choosing a diamond disc as it determines the type of cut and the lifetime of the disc.

Diameter - It is important to ensure the diameter of the diamond disc is compatible with the tool it will be used with.

Bore - The bore is what holds the diamond disc into the power tool. It is important to ensure the bore size is compatible with the tool it will be used with.


What's the difference between continuous and segmented rims?

Segmented rims offer a quicker but rougher cut on the material. The spaces between the segments also allow for dust removal. A continuous rim offers a clean cut and longer lifespan of the disc.

Do diamond discs contain real diamonds?

Diamond discs do not contain natural diamond. They contain synthetic diamonds made in a lab, but contain the same toughness and hardness as natural diamonds.