Grinding Wheel Dressers

Grinding wheel dressers are designed to keep grinding wheels working at their best. Various types of grinding wheels are available here at Cromwell - meaning you'll be sure to find the one that best suits your needs.
Cromwell stocks a broad range of grinding wheel dressers from trusted brands used by professionals around the world.

What are grinding wheel dressers?

Grinding wheel dressers are designed to 'dress' the surface of a grinding wheel. 'Dressing' refers to the process of slightly trimming the grinding wheel, returning it to an original round shape (to 'true' the wheel) and clean clogged or dulled areas of the wheel. When a grinding wheel dresser is used, new grains and abrasive materials are brought to the surface, which provides optimal grinding performance.

Why a grinding wheel dresser?

Grinding wheel dressers are vital for keeping grinding wheels in good working order. A good grinding wheel dresser will restore the form of the wheel, allowing users to maintain a highly consistent and reliable grind.
Regular wheel dressing vastly increases the performance of your grinding wheel, reducing the time needed to perform grinding tasks and providing a better finish.
Grinding wheel dressers also reduce the likelihood of any damage befalling your workpiece or material. Grinding wheels that are regularly dressed have significantly lower vibration levels than undressed or worn grinding wheels. Dressed wheels are unlikely to jolt the workpiece, as the dressing keeps the wheel perfectly round and true.

When are grinding wheel dressers used?

Grinding wheels are used throughout a broad range of industries, meaning grinding wheel dressers are too. Grinding wheel dressers are used to keep grinding wheels performing the following tasks at their best:

• Removing excess surface material
• Preparing metal surfaces and workpieces for welding
• Sharpening various tools and blades
• Cleaning up cuts
• Other general grinding applications

Types of grinding wheel dresser

There are a few key types of grinding wheel dresser available:

• Star dressers - Star dressers are a long tool consisting of a handle and one end and a row of free-moving serrated disks at the other. These disks are typically star shaped, hence the name. As the wheel rotates at a low RPM, the discs are applied with force to the wheel. The serration on the discs knocks out the old abrasive grains, revealing the new grain behind.
• Dressing sticks - The simplest way to dress a grinding wheel, dressing sticks are made of hard bonded materials. The stick of material is pressed against the wheel to rub off old grain and clean away any debris.
• Diamond dressers - The hardiest, heavy-duty option when it comes to wheel dressing. Diamond dressers work in a similar way to dressing sticks but with a diamond surface that is incredibly hard-wearing. Diamond dressers last a long time and are far more unlikely to wear or break than other dressers.

If you're not sure about the best kind of grinding wheel dresser for your needs, feel free to ask our experts for personalised advice.

Considerations when choosing a grinding wheel dresser

• RPM - Ensure your grinding wheel is rotating at a suitable RPM (rotations per minute) when attempting to dress it. Trying to dress a wheel that's spinning at a high RPM could lead to damage or injury.

• Price vs performance - As mentioned above, diamond grinding wheel dressers do come at a premium, but are far less likely to let you down even after thousands of uses. If you use your grinding wheel at a professional level, a harder wheel dresser may prove more effective.


How to use grinding wheel dresser?

The most common method of using a grinding wheel dresser is as follows:

1. Rest the grinding wheel dresser against the grinding wheel
2. Switch the grinder on, then turn it off again very quickly. It's important to not let the RPM get too high, as this will be ineffective and may cause injury
3. As the wheel slows down, apply pressure to the dresser as it cleans and dresses the wheel
4. Repeat the above steps until the old grain is replaced with new grain, and the wheel does not wobble.

How does a grinding wheel dresser work?
Grinding wheel dressers are typically made from a harder material than the grinding wheel, or the same material but with a stronger bond. The stronger material from the dresser cleans the wheel, refreshes the grain, and removes any abnormalities.