Fuel Containers

Although simple looking in nature there are a lot more to petrol cans than you might think. Petrol cans fall into two sizes typically, five litres and ten litres. There are larger containers such as twenty litre Jerry cans which are primarily used on military vehicles and are not typically recommended for domestic fuel storage.

The Cromwell range features petrol cans from a range of well-known brands such as Kennedy®, Rhino® and Pressol®, so you'll be sure to find something to suit your fuel storage needs.

What are petrol cans?

Petrol cans are often made from either a high impact plastic or steel. Both offer secure and safe storage of fuel, but there are a few points to take note of when choosing the right petrol can for your needs.

Why petrol cans?

Petrol cans are designed as storage receptacles for fuel such as petrol and diesel. They can be used to store fuel or transport it from one place to another.

## What are the different types of petrol cans?

Petrol cans come in two main sizes, five litres and ten litres and are made from either plastic or steel.

• **Plastic** - Plastic cans are lightweight and sturdy and have the added advantage of not being susceptible to corrosion. However, they do have a drawback in which that they emit fumes (diurnal emissions) and this limits storage options. For instance, leaving a plastic can of any size in the boot of a car, when full, especially in warmer weather is something to avoid.

• **Steel** - Unlike plastic cans, steel cans do not suffer the drawback of emissions and are a durable container for fuel. Their disadvantage lies in that steel can be susceptible to corrosion if not stored somewhere dry and their sturdier frame carries extra weight.

## Considerations when choosing a petrol can?
• **Measurements** - the main consideration before choosing any petrol can is how much fuel you wish to store. It is important to note that the legal requirement of fuel you can store has a maximum of thirty litres.

• **Storage** - if you plan to store your petrol can in the boot of your vehicle then be mindful that plastic cans are susceptible to releasing emissions. As with all highly flammable liquids, extreme caution should be maintained when storing petrol.

### FAQs

**What are Jerry cans used for?**

As mentioned earlier using Jerry cans for domestic fuel storage is illegal in the U.K. Jerry cans are mostly used by the military for transporting fuel for armoured vehicles. UK law states that domestic fuel storage in a Jerry can is illegal, as the law states the maximum capacity for domestic use is ten litres stored in a metal can. This means you can store thirty litres providing they are split between containers. i.e., two metal ten litre cans and two five litre plastic cans.

However, Jerry cans can be used in other applications besides fuel storage such as a water receptacle or for storing chemicals like washer fluid domestically.