Broom Handles

If you need an effective way to clean your workspace or environment, make sure you have a broom handle that's comfortable and perfectly suited to your height with our range of broom handles. Cromwell offer a wide range of broom handles with plenty of selection between lengths and thicknesses from brands such as Cotswold®, Kennedy®, and Salmon Hygiene Technology®.

What are broom handles?

Broom handles are large rods which attaches to the broom head and aids in cleaning by increasing the ergonomics and rigidity. Broom handles are usually made of either wood, aluminium, or steel, as the rigid nature of these materials reduce flex and allow for more power to be applied when in use. Some broom handles may include a plastic or rubber end to increase comfort and ergonomics.

When are broom handles used?

Although most brooms may include a broom handle, sometimes only a broom head is available, and in other scenarios a replacement broom handle may be required. Older wooden broom handles may split, metal broom handles may bend or rust, and the threads may wear out. In these situations, a new broom handle would be a worthwhile investment to ensure efficient cleaning, improved ergonomics, and longevity to the broom head.

Considerations when choosing broom handles

Length - The length of the broom handle is an important consideration to ensure the handle is tall enough to be used in an ergonomically friendly stance .

Fitting type - This is an important consideration to ensure the broom handle is compatible with the broom head.

Material - The material of the broom handle affects the comfort and the environments the broom handles may be used in. Metal broom handles should not be used in hot or humid environments for too long as they can heat up or rust and degrade quicker.


Are broom handles standard size?

Although there are variations in broom handles, the most common broom handle sizes range between 4 foot (48 inches) to 5 foot (60 inches). There are also variations in the thickness of the handles, usually between 15/16 inch (23mm) to 1 1/8 inch (28mm), therefore it is important to ensure the broom handles selected are ergonomically suited for the user both in length and thickness.

Can I use a broom handle for a paint roller?

Due to the sturdy nature of broom handles, they can be used for paint rollers as long as the broom handle fits snugly into the paint roller or is able to thread in. This is to ensure the paint roller does not slip off the broom handle and either cause damage or bodily harm.