Carpet Cleaners

Get professionally clean carpets and rugs with our range of carpet cleaning shampoos and accessories. We stock a wide selection of carpet cleaning products for different cleaning methods, suitable for both professional and domestic settings.

Browse our range of carpet cleaners from well-known brands like Kärcher®, Jeyes® and Zep Commercial®.

What are carpet cleaners?

Carpet cleaners, or carpet shampoos as they're sometimes known, are liquid detergents used in a carpet cleaning machine to wash carpets and rugs. Combined with water, the cleaner is driven deep into the fibres of the carpet to lift and hold trodden-in dirt, stains and odour causing bacteria. The dirt and excess solution are then sucked up by the cleaning machine, restoring the colour and leaving the carpet refreshed and clean.

Carpet cleaner types

Carpet cleaning products are available in a range of different variants for both manual and machine cleaning. From spray-on spot treatments for a quick-time response to stains to heavy-duty carpet shampoos for use in industrial cleaning machines, there's a shampoo-type for every carpet and rug in every setting.

Spot cleaner   -   Usually supplied in a spray, spot cleaners are ideal for fresh stains from spillages or pet accidents. Some brands are targeted specifically at neutralising pet urine, while others are for general stains

Dry foam   -   This is an industrial carpet cleaning solution used in industrial rotary floor machine with a shampoo brush attachment

Tablets   -   Individually wrapped to minimise contact with the skin, these tablets dissolve in water for a precise dose of carpet cleaner

High concentrate liquid   -   An economic cleaning liquid, suitable for all carpet cleaning types

Considerations when choosing a carpet cleaner

Carpet type - not all carpets are created equal and some types, like carpet tiles for example, can't be shampooed. Others may be damaged by a conventional carpet cleaning product and require steaming instead. Always check the type of carpet or mat before you go ahead and clean.

Cleaning machines - some carpet cleaning machines only recommend use with their own brand of carpet shampoo, while different sizes of cleaning machines require specific formulas for that size machine. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before purchase.

Eco-credentials - choosing an eco-friendly option is essential when children and pets are present as cleaners with high chemical ratios can cause serious harm, especially when the children and pets are very young.


How often can I shampoo my carpet?

Shampoo your carpet a minimum of every twelve months, more if you have pets and children or your carpet gets heavy traffic from outdoors.

Will carpet shampoo water ever be clear?

Depending on the soiling of your carpet, you may need to repeat the shampooing process several times before the water runs clear. This will show that the carpet or rug has be thoroughly cleaned.