Cleaning Trolleys

Cleaning trolleys (or 'cleaning carts') are an essential janitorial companion, able to hold and carry a range of cleaning products for simple and easy transportation.

Cromwell stocks a wide range of cleaning trolleys, so no matter your budget or needs you're bound to find the perfect trolley for you.

What are cleaning trolleys?

Cleaning trolleys and cleaning carts look and function like robust, easy-to-manoeuvre shopping trolley. They consist of a strong metal frame, high-quality silent-use caster wheels, and various sections for users to store anything they may need to transport.

Why buy cleaning trolleys?

Various studies have shown that labour costs represent around 90% of total janitorial cost. Therefore, by making janitorial and cleaning jobs easier to tackle and more efficient, you are saving money in the long run.

One of the simplest ways to make janitorial tasks easier and more efficient is with a high-quality cleaning cart. Cromwell stocks a wide range of cleaning trolleys and carts that are trusted by janitors and hygienists around the globe, thanks to their durable yet manoeuvrable design and their near-silent operation.

Cleaning carts allow users to stock up on cleaning products, spare towels or bedding, and can carry waste products and bin bags with ease. This results in far less walking back and fourth for the operator, allowing them to work far more efficiently.

When are cleaning trolleys used?

Cleaning trolleys and carts can be found wherever cleaning is required. They are relied upon by all kinds of cleaning staff, who use them in places such as:

• Factories / warehouses
• Hotels
• Offices
• Hospitals and schools
• Museums, libraries, and other public spaces
• Shops and shopping centres
• Showrooms
• ...Anywhere else where janitorial services are required

If you're looking for the right cleaning trolley for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Types of cleaning trolley

• Cleaning carts - Cleaning carts comprise of a strong frame which can have shelves or holders to keep cleaning products at-hand. They are easily moved thanks to quality castor wheels that enable a good degree of agility. Many cleaning carts can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

• Janitor carts - Janitor carts are a convenient all-in-one solution for any kind of janitorial staff. Able to hold cleaning products and store waste, these cleaning carts make cleaning and hygiene tasks a breeze.

• Waste collectors - Waste collectors are a simple yet effective way to quickly collect and store waste for easy recycling and disposal. They are similar in design to janitor carts but are solely focused on collecting and sorting rubbish with ease.