Indexable Bodies

Whether you're sanding, removing, cutting or drilling, indexable bodies are diverse and versatile necessities for any milling cutter. Cromwell's selection of indexable bodies and milling cutters are incredibly varied to suit the needs of any engineer and offers essential spare parts as well as diverse heads for specific shaping. From reputable metalworking brands such as Sandvik Coromant© and ISCAR©, our range boasts expert precision, high quality and superior performance.

What are indexable bodies?

Indexable bodies are cutting tips that are removable inserts from the main milling cutter tool. The term indexable deciphers that the head can be exchanged, flipped, rotated or manipulated to create different effects on the material that is being cut or milled.

When are indexable bodies used?

Indexable bodies allow for more versatility when using milling cutters because they can be removed and changed without disturbing the geometry of the original tool. They are usually used in favour of solid cutters because there is a significant benefit of being able to renew the cutting edge and sharpening the milling cutter without having to remove the cutting tool from the body or line of production. The indexable bodies can be used to sand, drill or remove materials from an object or product, and are an essential element when using milling cutters.

Considerations when choosing indexable bodies

Type -The phrase indexable bodies covers an entire range of heads and fixings for milling cutters. Cromwell offers a huge range of versatile heads and removable bodies, so understanding which is best for your cutting and milling needs is necessary. A couple of standard indexable bodies include face and shell mills, spot drills and insert screws.

Milling applications -There are a selection of different applications that can affect how you're indexable body and milling cutter work and what they are used for. Typical applications include, facing, shouldering, slotting, side plunging and profiling.


What are indexable bodies made of to cut or shape materials?

Most commonly, indexing bodies that are removable from milling cutter tools are made from a steel body which allows for accurate positioning and precise sharp cutting.

What can indexable bodies be used on?

There are a huge range of materials and products that milling cutters can be used on, including aluminium, brass, titanium, zinc, steel, nickel and many other metals.