Frame Fixings

Frame fixings and hammer fixings are a quick and effective type of anchoring fittings that are used to fix material such as wood, metal, uPVC together or to masonry without damaging the surface. Here at Crowmwell we have a wide range of frame fittings available in a range of types, sizes and materials to suit your application from supplier Rawl.

Why frame fixings?

Frame fixings are type of heavy duty, anchoring cross recess screw fastener that are supplied with a nylon rawl plug. They have been designed with a long shaft that provides extra grip, rigidity and long-lasting strength over time and have an anti-rotation spike that prevents the plug from turning in the hole. Frame fixings are quick to install and suitable for both external and internal use.

Types of frame fixings?

Frame fixings   -   fixing screw supplied with plug.
Hammer fixings   -   These fixings can be hammered in as the plug expands when hammered in, which creates a secure anchor and can be unscrewed and removed. These commonly are pre-assembled.
Special fixings   -   Known as WHO frame screws, this type is a specially designed frame screw is specifically for door and window installations.
Paper collated nails   -   Specially designed strips of galvanised nails to be used with framing nail gun equipment.
Cavity wall and plasterboard fixings   -   Used to secure objects to ceilings or plasterboard surfaces, or hardboard or chipboard cavities. known as self-drilling or self-drive fixings are designed to work with dry-walling and plasterboard.
Interset fixings   -   One piece stamping, with flange and integral thread. Suitable for various applications and board building. These are easy to install and fixtures can be refitted or removed.
Spring toggle fixings   -   These frame fixings have wings or clamps or use a spring motion to securely attach an object from behind the wall material.
Facade fixings   -   Plastic design that has been reinforced with glass fibre that can be installed in all substrate categories A,B,C,D and E.


Are frame fixings and hammer fixings the same?
Frame fixings are perfect for heavy loads like adding frames to masonry and timber.
Whereas hammer fixings are designed to allow screws to be hammered in while frame fixings.