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Digital Levels

Cromwell stock a variety of digital levels from big name brands like Moore & Wright, Bosch, and Stanley. With a selection of lengths and resolutions you can be sure to find the right digital level for the job. View our levels page for more shopping options and buyers guides.

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Digital levels are precision instruments used in construction, engineering and carpentry to ensure accurate levels and alignment. Unlike traditional spirit levels, digital levels offer advanced features such as digital displays which offer measurements in a variety of units. Some digital levels offer additional features such as angle finders and inclinometers.
When selecting a digital level, you should consider some key features to ensure the tool meets your specific needs. Accuracy and resolution are paramount, with higher quality levels providing more accurate measurements. The display readability should be considered to ensure it can be read in different environments. Durability and battery life is also a key consideration to ensure the tool can survive harsher environments and be ready to go when you need it. Ultimately, choosing the right digital level requires a balance of the above considerations along with budget to ensure you get the best tool for your job.