Scalpels & Craft Knives

If you need to do intricate cutwork but scissors are just too cumbersome, maybe you need a scalpel or craft knife. Perfect for those craft or art projects, we have a range of single use and re-usable scalpels and craft knives as well as replacement blades and handles from brands Kennedy, Stanley and Swannn-Morton.

What are scalpels & craft knives?

Scalpels and craft knives are a small sharp bladed instrument. The blades are usually made from steel but are also available in ceramic, titanium and diamond. They are available in single use plastic craft knives that can be disposed of after use or re-usable scalpel, that has a blade that requires sharpening after use or replaceable blades.

When are scalpels & craft knives used?

Scalpels and craft knives are used for art and craft projects. They are used for intricate cutting of patterns or precision cutting of delicate materials. They are used for when scissors are too big to do the project or you want a precise straight line or pattern.

Considerations when choosing scalpels & craft knives

• Shape of Blade - The most common flat, straight blade is used for most graphic design projects and looks like a surgical blade, this is generally used for running along a straight edge to produce a straight cut. There is also a curved blade which can be used for wood carving, cutting leather or heavy material.

• Single use or reuseable - the plastic handled craft knife is for single use, where the blade tip can be snapped off after use and retracted. You can extend the blade for a fresh, sharp blade the next time you use it. The metal handled scalpels can be sold with a blade that can be resharpened, but more commonly with replacement blades that are sold separately.

• Blade Material - Blades are available in a range of materials, tempered steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, ceramic, diamond and titanium. All are designed for precision cutting but the blade material you choose depends on the material you would be using it on.


How do I safely remove the blades?
There are blade remover tools available to allow you to remove the blades safely and avoid injury. Cromwell stocks these from brands Swan and Swannn-Morton.