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Copier Paper

If you are looking for a wide range of copier paper in various colours, finishes and weight, look no further than Cromwell's range. We have brands such as Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Image Paper and Antalis to choose from.

Why copier paper?

Copier paper is used for office and home printers, for printing hard copies of documents, presentations, projects or schoolwork.

Copier paper types

There are a wide range of copier papers available depending on your print needs. Anything from standard paper in various weights and colours to card for art projects and presentations.

Standard Copier Paper For use for office, home or school. Available in a range of weights or gsm, perfect for any print job.

Coloured Copier Paper For use when printing presentations or projects to make it visually stand out.

Copier Card Heavier weight for use or presentations and art projects. Available in white and colour.


What is gsm?

When manufacturing paper it is characterised into weights by grams per square metre or GSM. Printing paper is usually between 60 -120gsm, anything over 160gsm is regarded as card. The higher the gsm on printing paper the better quality it is for printing.