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Display Books & Folders

If you are looking for something to keep your documents organised, look no further than our range of display books and folders. We have a wide range in varying colours and sizes, something to suit every need, from brands Guildhall, Qconnect, Rexel and Snopake.

What are display books & folders?

Display books and folders are used to store and organise documents, ensuring they are easily visible but secure from damage and spills.

When are display books & folders used?

Display books and folders are used academically, in the home and in the office. They are an easy way to store and organise documents and are easily visible for when in use. They stop the documents from damage and spills. You can use display books to present artwork or reports. Students may want to present their essays or dissertations in a display book for a more professional look.

Considerations when choosing display books & folders

• Number of Pages - depending on how many documents you have, you will need to consider the number of display pages within each display book. We provide a range from 10 pages up to 100 pages.

• Type of folder - if you just need to file documents but keep them damage free in a filing cabinet or drawer, you may want to consider a manilla folder that will protect the pages. However, if you want to keep your documents visible but with the added extra of keeping them damage and spill free, you may want to consider a display folder which has plastic display pockets to keep your documents safe.


How do I use a display book?

The most efficient way of using a display book is to place your document back to back (if printed on one side only) and slide it into the plastic pocket. This will mean that when you use the display book you will be able to read both documents like a book, without wasting space with blank pages.