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Document Wallets

Whether you need to store work, records, planning materials, or other important paperwork, we have a range of document wallets available. Keep your office desk tidy and organised with our variety of filing and archiving products, from trusted brands such as Q-Connect®, Elba and Guildhall.

What are document wallets?

Document wallets are multi-function document holders for use at the office or on the go, with an expandable flap and sides, coming in a range of colours and sizes.

Why document wallets?

Document wallets can be used to present and organise your most important documents in style or protect them with durable, high-quality covers.

When are document wallets used?

When you need to keep your papers and documents filed securely, document wallets are perfect. They are lightweight, making it simple to slip in a bag or briefcase for on-the-go organisation. Alternatively, if you want to keep your documents organised in the office, the front cover allows you to easily grab the documents you may need and is protected from damage.

Document wallet's types

Double Pocket Legal Wallets   -    Double sided design, holding twice the amount of paper without taking up twice the room - more efficient storage.

Envelope Wallet   -    Ideal for filing or protecting papers on the move, with printing box on flap for easy identification of contents.

Open Top Wallet   -    A fold down front and extended back, allowing easy access to your documents.

Considerations when choosing document wallet's

• Capacity - The capacity of the document wallet is important to ensure you have enough room to hold the desired number of pages within the wallet.

• Colour - A range of colours to suit your business needs - can be used to categorise documents.

• Weight - The weight range of the document wallets can vary, with the heavier weighted wallets better for durability and extra protection.

• Size - It is important to ensure your documents will fit inside the wallets. Foolscap is the standard size to allow plenty of room for A4 paper.


How big is a foolscap document wallet?

Foolscap is slightly larger than traditional A4 paper, measuring 8.5 inches by 13.5 compared to A4 which is 8.3 x 11.7 inches. This extra room allows enough space for plenty of A4 documents to slot inside the wallet.