ARC Flash & Flame Retardant Trousers

Choose durable flame retardant and ARC flash trousers online at Cromwell. Our range of FR trousers are compliant with British safety standards to protect against welding hazards and the risks associated with high heat environments.

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What are flame retardant & ARC flash trousers?

Flame retardant and ARC flash trousers are designed to protect against the hazards of welding and other similar applications. Class 1 FR trousers resist naked flame, sparks, and convective heat to protect against burns, while Class 2 protection trousers block the burst of electrical energy that comes with ARC flash.

Why buy flame retardant & ARC flash trousers?

To avoid severe burns and even death, FR and ARC flash trousers worn together with other similar PPE garments offers protection against the risks of injury. When put in place alongside other safety measures, wearing the correct protective clothing can go a long way to managing the hazards of dangerous welding activities.

When are flame retardant & ARC flash trousers used?

Flame retardant and ARC flash trousers are a PPE option for workers who are exposed to open flame, radiant heat, or ARC flash. Those who maintain or operate heavy machinery will benefit from the protection FR and ARC flash trousers provide, including electricians, miners, mechanics, and welders.

Flame retardant & ARC flash trouser types

Made in a variety of styles, FR and ARC flash trousers have a range of user-friendly features to make the job easier, including belt loops, seam access pockets, hi-vis properties and more. All FR and ARC flash trousers must be CE marked and conform to EN ISO 11611:2015.

• ARC flash trousers   -   These trousers protect against flame and convective heat but are also capable of resisting the electrical discharge of ARC flash. This type of protective clothing is tested under EN ISO 11611:2015 regulations and must score a Class 2

• Flame retardant trousers   -   Made from chemically treated or synthetic fabric, these trousers resist flame, convective heat, and other welding hazards. They're also subjected to testing under EN ISO 11611:2015 standards and must be rated Class 1 to achieve certification

Considerations when choosing flame retardant & ARC flash trousers

Protection - For TIG welding and soldering, an EN ISO 11611: 2015 Class 1 garment is ideal, while MIG, MAG and MMA welding require Class 2 protection.

Flame retardant & ARC flash trousers jargon buster

To keep you up to date with FR safety standards, we've broken down and explained a relevant standard to help you to make the best purchasing decisions for your business.

What does EN ISO 11612:2015 mean?

This standard applies to clothing intended for use by employees who are exposed to naked flame, convective heat, and molten metal splash, but doesn't include welding activities or risks associated with the Fire Brigade's work.

Let's break it down...

• EN - This signifies that this is a European standard, and is an abbreviation of the German translation for European Norm

• ISO - This stands for the International Organization for Standardization, the independent governing body who manages all European quality and safety standards

• 11612 - The legislation number

• 2015 - The year this edition was published, superseding the 2008 version.

• A - Flame spread

• B - Convective heat

• C - Radiant heat

• D - Molten metal

• E - Molten metal

• F - Contact heat


What material must be worn under ARC flash PPE?

You have a couple of choices regarding undergarments when dressing for ARC flash applications. Underwear and t-shirts made from 100% cotton is an option since cotton won't melt onto the skin when exposed to high heat and flame. Another choice is to wear fire retardant undergarments designed specifically for welding and other similar tasks.

How do I dress properly to protect against ARC flash injuries?

ARC flash injuries can cause long-term damage, and its important to make sure that you're fitting your PPE correctly to provide the best protection. Choose fire retardant undergarments and tuck them in to ensure the maximum coverage of the skin. ARC flash coveralls, jackets and trousers should be completely closed with all zip closures and button fastenings used. Cuffs should be tucked into ARC flash safety gloves, and the same should be done with trouser or overall seams into welding safety boots. Welding masks and neck protection should be fitted properly, with the skirting overlapping the shoulders and chest where possible.

Once dressed in the ARC flash PPE, no skin or non-fire-retardant materials should be exposed. Take a look in the mirror or get a colleague to check you're completely covered.