Knee & Elbow Pads

Knee and elbow pads are an essential piece of PPE in manual environments. Knees and elbows are often exposed to knocks bangs and strains and can often be overlooked when it comes to protecting them. Here at Cromwell, we stock a wide range of knee pads and elbow pads from big name brands Like Mascot, Redbacks, Impacto Protective Products and Kennedy.

What are knee and elbow pads?

Kneepads come in various forms some hard shell some soft, they can either be inserted into knee pouches on work trousers or as with some types strap on over the top with hook and loop fastenings. They work to form a protective layer over the kneecap helping to support and protect from impact and strains.

Why knee and elbow pads?

Knees are often exposed to injury in manual jobs, cuts, scrapes, bruises can be common place and the risk in some industries to more serious injury, such as lacerations, burns and breaks. Kneepads offer protection form impact and in some cases like gel knee pads, they can offer support and relief from pressure caused during kneeling.

When to use knee and elbow pads?

Knee pads are suited for use in punishing industries where a heavy amount of manual labour is involved or some form of physicality, such as plumbing, construction, electrical or railway working.

Types of knee and elbow pads

Gel - These soft pads are designed to cushion mild impact and reduce the strain during kneeling.

Foam - These pads are designed to shield from mild impacts

Hard shell - These pads feature a hard outer casing over the kneecap and a foam backing to cushion against impacts. They typically attach via elasticated or adjustable straps.

Considerations when choosing knee and elbow pads

The level of protection needed - In the case of support for kneeling and light work foam or gel soft knee pads may suffice. However, in the case of hard manual jobs where the risk of concussive impacts is relatively high hard-shell kneepads would be better suited.

Fastening - Some kneepads are designed to slip into work trouser knee pockets, whereas some are pulled up from the ankles and feature an elasticated backing to hold them in place. Some attach via hook and loop fastening straps.


How do I choose knee pads?

To protect you properly kneepads should maintain a good snug fit. If they are too loose then they can slip and not offer protection, too tight and they can restrict movement. If in doubt measure the circumference of your leg. Next you will need to determine the level of protection you will need, this will mostly depend on if you are doing light work or heavy industrial work.