Welding Helmets & Shields

Welding helmets and shields are a crucial safety personal protection item that is used to protect the wearer when carrying out welding processes. Here at Cromwell we supplier a range of welding helmets from suppliers Kennedy, 3M, Esab and SWP.

Why welding helmets and shields?

Welding helmets and shields, also known as welding hoods, are specifically designed to protect the face and eyes of the user. Eyes can be easily damaged when welding due to the ultraviolet and infrared rays emitted by the arc and can cause injury from flash burn or sparks. Welding helmets provide protection from the heat and light by using either a auto-darkening or fixed darkening viewing portal to block the intensity of light emitted which reduces distractions and improve concentration. Welding helmets and shields are typically constructed of polyamide or fibreglass materials, that provides protection whilst remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Welding helmets and shield types

Welding helmets and shield are grouped into two main type:
Auto-darkening  -   This type of welding helmet uses a polarised filter that prevents harmful flash burn automatically by adjusting to harmful light ensuring the wearer does not have to stop and adjust it. Therefore, improving productivity and saving time. Not all auto- darkening welding helmets are the same and capable of different shade number range protections to suit your application.
Fixed-darkness  -   This type of welding helmet usually has a flip-up face shield mechanism that is controlled by a nod of the head, removing the need to touch the helmet. It allows the user to flip it to see when they stop welding and nod forwards to drop into place to weld.


Is the weight of a welding helmet important?
Yes, welding helmets can cause neck strain and fatigue with extended use. Selecting the right helmet weight will positively impact productivity and help to reduce injury. It is recommended to choose the lightest weight possible for your welding applications.