Mitre Saws

Browse our range of mitre saws and take the effort out of angled and cross cuts. We stock a wide selection of mitre saws, including compound and dual-bevel variants so you can get exactly the style you want at a great price.
Here at Cromwell, we stock mitre saws from reliable brands, like Evolution Power Tools®, Bosch®, Makita® and DeWalt®.

What is a mitre saw?

An extremely handy and portable power tool, a mitre saw allows for quick cuts at a variety of angles. They feature an easy to adjust scale to ensure accurate cuts on large and small workpieces, including those made from wood, metal and plastic.
The mounted blade is easily interchangeable and is pulled down through the workpiece with a handle positioned above the blade to keep hands away from danger.

When is a mitre saw used?

Depending on the type and features of a mitre saw, they're widely used by professionals and enthusiastic DIYers alike. They're an extremely convenient piece of kit, especially on a job site, and can make accurate cross cuts, mitre cuts and bevel cuts.

Mitre saw types

There's a wide choice of mitre saws available to suit all budgets and requirements.

• Basic mitre saw   -   This standard type is a great starter saw and has no bevel or slide features

• Compound mitre saw   -   This type of mitre saw offers easy adjustments to allow for more complex cuts. They often have a choice of features, including a single or dual-bevel option

• Sliding compound mitre saw   -   Again this type has the choice of a single or dual-bevel, but also features a sliding mechanism to allows the blade to slide wider onto a rail. This allows for use on larger materials.

• Corded and cordless   -   As with most power tools, a corded mitre saw offers more power than a cordless. However, a cordless mitre saw is ideal for on-site work.

Considerations when choosing a mitre saw

Blade size - depending on the type and size of the material you'll be cutting; the blade size and adjustability plays an important part in the type of mitre saw you'll choose.

Machine size - again, this will depend on the size of the projects that you frequently work on. Larger projects will inevitably require a larger machine.

Power - a more powerful mitre saw will tackle larger and denser materials easily and safely.

Extra features - Mitre saws come with a range of added features to either improve safety or increase cutting and angle options.


Can you use a mitre saw without a stand?

As long as the surface it's placed on is sturdy and flat, a mitre saw can be used without a stand. The cordless versions are intended to be portable, and so this doesn't pose any issue on usability. However, operator safety and the safety of those around you should be considered. Ensure the area where the saw is placed doesn't have foot traffic and that any flying debris won't hit anyone close by.

Are mitre saw blades universal?

All brands manufacture according to standard sizes, and so different brands can be used interchangeably. However, a blade designed to fit a circular saw won't typically fit a mitre saw due to the different bore sizes and diameters of each machine.

How do I choose the right mitre saw blade?

To ensure a blade fits your mitre saw check the instruction booklet for the correct bore size and capacity. Then consider the material you want to cut as there are blades made specifically for cutting metal, wood etc. Finally, the finish you want will dictate the number of teeth on the blade. Fewer, large teeth will perform a quick, rough cut with no problems, but for final or neater cuts, small teeth in large numbers are needed.

What's the difference between a mitre saw and a circular saw?

While both tools wield circular blades, the mitre saw has a mounted blade that's pulled down to cut, while a circular saw is generally smaller than a mitre saw, and has a hand grip to push the blade through the material.