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Router Cutters

Router cutters allow various materials such as wood, plastic and metals to be cut precisely and easily with the use of a router. Sculpt your chosen materials however you'd like with our wide range of router cutter types. Here at Cromwell, we offer router cutters from top brands such as Trend® and Kennedy®.

Why router cutters?

Router cutters are an essential attachment for using a router. Attaching to the collet of your router, the router cutter allows a tradesperson to cut into wood, for example, and sculpt the material with high levels of accuracy and precision. They are an essential piece of equipment for woodworkers and joiners, as well as any DIY enthusiast. They are also ideal for engraving, edging, grooving, profiling and shallow mortising.

Router cutter types

There are many router cutter types, all of which are suited to different applications. Let's look at some of them now.

Straight Plunging Bits   -   Straight plunging bits are built for cutting into the material from above, rather than from the side. This makes them ideal for engraving and grooving.

Trimming Bits   -   Trimming bits are used predominantly for trimming laminate or plastic facings. They are ideal for straight or shaped cutting.

Ogee Bits   -   Ogee bits are plunge type bits that produce a distinctive design, creating decorative mouldings with a flat bottom groove. They are often used in intricate designs of cabinet and drawer doors.

Rounding Over Bits   -   Rounding over bits excel in producing soft edges on pieces of woodwork, and forming precise corner radiuses on shelf, table and cabinet corners.


Will my router cutter work on any material?

Not all router cutters will work on every material. Ensure to check the applicable materials when you purchase a router cutter.

Will my router cutter work with any router?

Theoretically, yes, as long as the router bit's shank matches the diameter of the router's collet. If the bit is a plunge type, some routers are built especially for this application, so ensure to do some research into your router cutter, router and intended application.