When it comes to lawn and general garden maintenance, you can't go wrong with a good grass strimmer. Available in a range of designs and power options, these handy portable tools effectively edge lawns and cut back overgrown weeds and shrubbery to keep your garden under control and easy to work.

At Cromwell we stock a choice of strimmers from good quality brands like Makita® and DeWalt®.

What are strimmers?

Strimmers are a versatile gardening tool designed to trim and tidy overgrown grass and brush. Often used in conjunction with a lawn mower, a strimmer can quickly and efficiently smarten up lawn edges and cut overgrown areas right to the ground.

Strimmers are a slimline power tool and have the advantage of a controlled operation to fit into nooks and areas that a lawn mower would have trouble accessing. A spool of nylon cord is either manually fitted to the cutting end of the strimmer or in an internal feed system. It's the high-powered spinning motion of this nylon cord that cuts the grass at the level at which you hold the strimmer.

Why strimmers?

Strimmers are far more effective and efficent at cutting back overgrown areas and tidying lawn edges than a comparable hand strimmer, saving you time and effort.

When are strimmers used?

Strimmers have a wide range of use in both the domestic and professional, industrial setting. Whether it be tidying the edges of a patch of lawn or cutting back vastly overgrown areas, strimmers make easy work of removing unwanted grass and weeds with minimal user strain.

Strimmer types

Strimmers can be categorised into three different types according to their power source. There are advantages and disadvantages with each, but all good brands will deliver excellent performance according to your individual requirements.

• Battery powered strimmers   -   Lightweight and available with interchangeable batteries for longer operating times

• Electric strimmers   -   Inexpensive, but have reach limitations due to reliance on the mains socket

• Petrol strimmers   -   High-powered and portable with interchangeable accessories

Considerations when choosing a strimmer

Cutting head - while some strimmers have a brush cutting feature (which requires the fitting of a spherical cutting blade), the most common cutting head is a spool of nylon line. These can vary in diameter to pack a more powerful punch the thicker they get, or they can be replaced with a spool of knotted steel wire.

Power - battery and mains powered strimmers are lightweight and quiet, while petrol strimmers are cheaper, louder and heavier. Refuelling is a frequent requirement depending on the task at hand, however, it doesn't require a source of electricity like the battery and mains powered alternatives.

Application- the size of your garden and the vegetation you'll be maintaining will be the deciding factor here. Petrol strimmers are more powerful for larger sites, while a small area would be well maintained by a battery powered strimmer.

Shaft length - some strimmers feature an adjustable shaft length for different users while other remain fixed.

Comfort - if you'll be using your strimmer for long periods, ensure that it features a comfortable grip, and that the length of the shaft doesn't have you stooping. Some petrol strimmers feature a body harness to give a secure hold to reduce the strain on the hands and arms.

Strimmers jargon buster

Here at Cromwell, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop our range of strimmers, so we've outlined and explained some key terms to ensure that you make an informed purchasing decision.

What is the difference between a split and a straight shaft strimmer?

Split shaft strimmers have the capability of coming apart, allowing you to attach other compatible tools to the end. Straight shaft strimmers do not have this capability and are forged as a singular piece.


What's the difference between a trimmer and a strimmer?

For all intents and purposes, they are the same thing with the names 'trimmer' and 'strimmer' often used interchangeably.

Can a strimmer cut a hedge?

A grass strimmer is designed for edging and cutting overgrown lawns and other vegetation. The common design features a fan-shaped cover that arches over the back of the strimmer to protect the user from high-speed projectiles. For this reason, it's important that a strimmer is used as intended and kept at ground level. To trim a hedge, we recommend using a hedge trimmer.