Speed Bumps

If you need to restrict vehicle speeds or restrict parking at your place of work, speed ramps and vehicle stoppers are a great solution to this issue. The speed bumps will decrease speed of vehicles on site, ensuring the safety of pedestrians. Cromwell's range include brands JSP and Vistaplan.

Why speed bumps?

Speed bumps are a traffic calming measure, used to enforce a low speed limit, usually under 25mph or lower. The height of the speed bump indicates the speed you will need to be travelling when you travel over the bump. The vehicle stoppers are also available in different heights to indicate use for cars or for trucks. This ensures that the vehicle parks within a restricted area.

speed bump types

Speed bumps and vehicle stoppers are available in different heights, indicating either how slow you should be driving over the bumps or for what vehicle you will be parking when using a vehicle stopper. You should also use the correct height end caps for the speed bumps required.

5cm Speed Bump For use for reducing vehicle speed limit to 10MPH.

5cm End Caps For use with the 5cm Speed Bump.

7.5cm Speed Bump For use for reducing vehicle speed limit to 5MPH.

7.5cm End Caps For use with the 7.5cm Speed Bump.

Vehicle Stopper For use in a car park location. Discreet and effective restriction for cars.

Truck Stopper Offers a greater level of restriction for commercial and industrial applications.


Why do we have speed bumps?

Research has shown that speed humps are an effective approach to slowing down traffic on residential streets.

What will happen if I go over a speed bump at high speed?

At high speeds a speed bump can cause significant driver discomfort. At such speeds it can act as a bump and jolt the vehicle's suspension and its occupants or cargo.