Pallet Trucks

Cromwell stock a range of pallet and pump trucks ideal for a variety of applications and working environments. Form warehousing to logistics, and with products from names like Vulcan® and Warrior® you are bound to find the right solution for your needs.

What is a pallet truck?

Occasionally referred to as a pump truck or a pallet jack, pallet trucks are a type of trolley especially designed to deal with transporting pallets. They feature a forked base that operates similar to the tines of a forklift to slot into the gap beneath pallets. The pump action handle then elevates the forks, lifting the pallet clear of the ground allowing it to be wheeled freely.

Why pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks are ideal for storage facilities like warehouses, where wooden pallets are used frequently. They can lift heavy loads like palleted deliveries in one go allowing them to be transported much more easily and efficiently. They come in various weight capacities suitable for different applications and it is important that this capacity is not exceeded as the pallet truck may become difficult to control.

Types of pallet truck

Pallet trucks come in a range of types and although similar in application can be used for different purposes.

**• Manual ** A manual pallet truck is operated by hand. They are wheeled by the operator and then manually "pumped" to engage the jacking mechanism to lift the pallet clear of the ground. These are the most common forms of pallet trucks found in warehouses and depots.

• Electric Electric pallet trucks allow for easier loading and transport as they reduce a lot of the manual labour elements in the process of loading and unloading pallets.

• High-lift These pallet trucks have the capability to lift palleted loads higher than a standard manual pump truck.

• Weigh-scale These types of pallet trucks can be used to weigh palleted loads in the addition to the function as a regular pallet truck.

Considerations when choosing a pallet truck

• Weight restrictions - This is a key consideration as the weight restrictions inevitably determine how much weight the pallet truck can tolerate. Failure to adhere to this may result tin the truck becoming unstable when being moved or damage to the truck, both of which can result in injury to the operator or those in the surrounding area.


How are pallet trucks used?

Operating a pallet truck is relatively simple, the forks are wheeled in underneath the pallet ensuring that they run through all the way to the underside of the pallet. The operator then pumps the vertical handle in an up and down motion to activate the jacking mechanism, this lifts the pallet to the desired height giving it clearance from the ground to be moved. One the pallet is cleared the ground sufficiently the pallet can be wheeled to the desired location. Once at the location the trigger can be pulled on the handle to lower the forks to the ground allowing the pump truck to be wheeled out from under the pallet.

How often should pallet trucks be serviced?

Pallet trucks should be serviced regularly to ensure they are in good working order. HSE states that all equipment used for work must be in good repair and in efficient working order. Under 'The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998' (PUWER) work equipment including pallet trucks must conform to the operating standards laid out. To ensure equipment is compliant it is recommended that you get pallet trucks inspected annually or even more frequently depending on their usage.