Sack Trucks

What are sack trucks?
Sack trucks are an essential piece of equipment in places like storage facilities and warehouses and many more besides. Most sack trucks whilst differing in looks are usually the same in function and typically feature two wheels, a platform and a handle or pair of handles.
They operate by using the platform to support the load whilst using the wheels as a fulcrum point to pull back and lift the object being carries. The user can then wheel the load to its desired location using the handles.

Why sack trucks?

Sack trucks are relatively easy to use and easily stored away in the upright position, they are capable of carrying heavier loads more easily without the user having to strain themselves to carry manually. They come in a variety of types, from fold-aways, for lighter loads and easy storage to heavy duty models, designed for carrying weighty items that would be potentially dangerous for an individual to carry on their own.

Types of sack truck

• Standard A standard sack truck is manufactured from hardy materials and can typically carry loads of up to 200kg.
• Fold-away Fold away sack trucks are convenient for lighter work and have the added advantage of taking up less space when not in use.
• Heavy duty Heavy duty sack trucks can typically handle loads of 200kg plus even as much as 500kg in some cases. Unless you were a world champion strength athlete a heavy-duty sack truck can lift objects that an average human wouldn't be able to move unassisted.
• Other variations on sack trucks There are a few other specialised designs of sack truck for specific tasks, for example, there are sack trucks that can navigate steps as well as multifunctional trucks that are designed to handle multiple weights.

Considerations when choosing a sack truck

• Load capacity - This should be a key consideration when choosing a sack truck. The choice of load capacity you'll need depends entirely on the application you'll be using the truck for. For example, a fold away sack truck whilst convenient, would not be able to deal with the heavy lifting of objects found in industries like construction for instance. If your loading is going to be heavy then make sure you choose a truck that is going to handle the weight comfortably. Pushing the truck to accommodate beyond its max load could result in damage to the sack truck and a potentially serious injury.

• The environment - Most sack trucks are designed to be operated on a flat surface but If you require heavy loads to be moved up flights of stairs their two-wheeled design can pose a problem. Rather than struggle with a standard truck (which could be a health hazard) stair climbing sack trucks feature adaptations such as three wheels a side mounted on a three-star system. This allows the truck to roll up the lip of the step making traversing stairs easier.


How do I use a sack truck safely?

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to manual handling. Sack trucks offer a safer alternative to manual lifting as they can deal with weights most everyday people would struggle to carry without risking a serious back injury. Still there are risks with using them if good practice isn't followed. Be sure that you do not overload the trucks weight capacity, as this could damage the truck and potentially cause an injury. Also ensure that the load does not obscure your view. As sack trucks are pushed in front of the user make sure you allow room over the top of the load so you can see where you are going. Be mindfully of the weight on the front of the truck ensure to set the truck platform down on a solid and secure surface, this will ensure the truck doesn't tip up unexpectedly.