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Why buy strapping?

Strapping is used widely to secure packaging for transport or storage. It is ideal for fixing parcels to a pallet, reinforcing plastic-wrapped pallets and even attaching one pallet to another. It's a great way to stabilise a heavy-duty load prone to movement and is a great way to protect delicate products during transport and maintain a seal on a parcel.

Strapping types

Strapping is available in a range of materials to suit most applications and can be applied with a hand tool or an automatic strapping machine...

Plastic strapping   -   Typically made from polyester or polypropylene, plastic strapping is commonly used for securing boxes for transport, or strapping boxes to a pallet. Plastic banding offers elongation and flexibility and is ideal for items that may expand and contract during transport.

Steel strapping   -   Extremely strong and durable, this strapping is used to band heavy-duty equipment or materials. It's fastened using a crimping process and is UV resistant and capable for use on large loads. Steel strapping is covered under BS ISO 24259:2022.


What's the best strapping material?

This depends on what you're after from your strapping. If you need high tensile strength for large loads, then steel is the best option for you. However, plastic strapping would be the best choice for packaging tasks requiring a flexible option and quick application.

For plastic strapping, the options are polyester and polypropylene. Of the two, polyester strapping is the strongest and is ideal for heavier loads. Polypropylene, on the other hand, is economical, but should only be used for light-duty to medium packaging.

What are strapping systems?

Strapping systems is another term for strapping machines, which take the time and effort out of banding packages. All strapping machines sold in the UK should comply with BS EN 415-8, which outlines a series of requirements for the construction, operation, and maintenance of automatic strapping machines. Built to industry specifications, strapping machines can be purchased with compression strapping features or non-compression options, and need only loading onto a conveyor system, the strapping machine does the rest.