Cromwell stock a wide range of storage trolleys, suitable for a range of applications. With name brands like GPC, Workshop and Matlock, and a variety of designs you'll be sure to find the right storage solution for your requirements.

What are storage trolleys?

The simple answer to this question is a mobile platform with storage trays and shelving, designed to hold items, whilst being portable thanks to its wheeled design. They are handy items to have in storage facilities and warehousing as they allow the storage and transport of multiple items. They come in a variety of sizes suitable for larger or smaller items.

Why storage trolleys?

As well as housing multiple items, storage trolleys have the advantage of being portable so they can be used to transport multiple items for one place to another without having to take multiple trips.

Types of storage trolleys

There are multiple types of storage trolley available, to outline a few of their features and benefits, we have listed a few of the most common types below.

• Table tray trolleys These types of trolleys are essentially a tote tray on wheels, often consisting of one or more tiers they can are good for storing multiple lightweight items.

• Shelf trolleys These feature a heavier construction at the frame and usually feature multiple plyboard frames for transporting heavier items.

• Mesh enclosed trolleys These are ideal for storing large items safely minimising the risk of them falling off the sides whilst in transport.

Considerations when choosing a trolley

The size/weight of the items being stored - Much like any storage equipment you need to ensure that the trolley you choose is suitable for the weight of the good you are handling. For instance, stacking large heavy items on a simple table trolley could result in damage to the table, the items and possibly an injury.