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Face Coverings

With the increased risk of COVID-19, wearing a “face mask” has become a priority and is mandatory in many settings. Using the correct face covering is critical to reduce transmission, health and safety of everyone, and can provide confidence to the wearer and those around them… But how do you decide which is the right mask for your needs?

As a British Safety Industry Federation approved safety supplier, Cromwell have a complete range of compliant and fully certified personal protective equipment (PPE) and face coverings for all applications and environments. Our products conform to all the required legislations to give you complete confidence and peace of mind while wearing them.

Whether it’s a face covering, surgical mask, or respirators, our dedicated pages and guides are able to assist you in understanding the different levels of protection provided by our face coverings. This allows you to select the appropriate product to keep yourself and others safe. Our fully qualified Technical Safety Team are always available to support you, so feel free to ask the experts.

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Browguard, Black, For Use With 443030 sweatband



Surgical Masks, Type II, Disposable, Blue, One Size, Pk-50