Gasket O Rings

Gaskets and O-Rings are made in a variety of sizes and shape and used across many industries including automotive, engineering, plumbing and aerospace. Here at Cromwell, we have a range of gaskets and o-rings available from leading suppliers Supaseal, sherlock sealants and Loctite.

Why gaskets & o-rings?

O-rings, also known as rubber O-ring seals and gaskets create a sealed mating surface between two or more components to prevent leaks of gases, liquids, and air. They are located in all types of motors, machines, gas pipelines and plumbing fixtures.

Gaskets and o-ring types

Gaskets  -    are a mechanical seals that consists of a flat piece material. There are many types of gasket shapes available and most are bespoke designs made to fit complex shapes. They are made for various materials such as elastomer, silicone or metal. They are most commonly found in engines.
O-Rings  -    are a circular shaped components which comprise of a looped piece of elastomer material with a hollow centre. This allows them to stretch and revert back to its natural size and shape without breaking and can easily fit over cylindrical-shaped components, such as hoses and pipes.


Why is an O-ring a good seal?
O-rings are compressed radially in its groove, with a compression of the cross-section of from 2% to 6%, according to the thickness. This ensures a good sealing with reasonably long life.

What is the difference between gasket and a seal?
Gaskets are used when a flange or union is required to prevent leaking. Gaskets seal a connection between two flanges or components that have flat surfaces, while seals are used between engine pumps, parts, and shafts that rotate.