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Hook & Loop Tapes

Used widely for its versatility and ease of fastening, hook and loop tapes are a quick and effective way of fastening two materials or surfaces together.

Here at Cromwell, we offer a wide range of hook and loop tapes from national brands 3M, Velcro® and Sellotape.

What is hook and loop tape?

Hook and loop tapes, also known as touch fasteners or Velcro® tapes (a popular brand name), consist of two components: the hook side and the loop side. The hook side has tiny hooks, while the loop side has loops that interlock with the hooks when pressed together.

Why hook and loop tapes?

This unique fastening system allows for repeated opening and closing, making it convenient for applications that require repositioning, adjustability, or easy removal.

When are hook and loop tapes used?

Hook and loop tapes are used for a variety of fastening applications, including holding furniture cushions in place, bundling loose cables or cords together, organising tools or for hanging frames on walls.

Hook and loop tape types

Hook and loop tapes are largely identified by their distinctive fastening system, however there are are several types of hook and loop tapes available, each of which possesses key attributes. To help you to find the best one for your needs, we've broken down each type to better highlight the key features of each.

Sew on hoop and loop tapes   -   Sew-on hook and loop tapes have fabric backings and are designed to be stitched onto fabrics or other materials. They offer reliable and durable fastening and are commonly used in clothing, upholstery, and textile-related applications.

Adhesive backed tapes   -   Adhesive-backed hook and loop tapes have a layer of adhesive on the back, allowing them to be easily attached to surfaces without the need for sewing. They offer convenience and versatility in various applications, such as home organisation, crafts, and light duty fastening.

Self adhesive rolls   -   Self adhesive hook and loop rolls provide both the hook and loop sides in roll form, allowing you to cut them to the desired length. The adhesive backing on both sides allows for easy application on surfaces without the need for separate hook and loop components.

Back to back tapes   -   Back-to-back hook and loop tapes consist of hook and loop components joined together in a continuous back-to-back configuration. They offer a secure and adjustable fastening solution and are commonly used for cable management, bundling, and organizing objects.

Considerations when choosing hook and loop tapes

When shopping for hook and loop tapes, it's important to consider the following factors to ensure you choose the most suitable hook and loop tape for your specific needs, ensuring secure and adjustable fastening capabilities in various applications.

• Strength and holding power - Consider the required strength and holding power based on the weight or tension the tape needs to withstand. Some tapes offer stronger adhesion and gripping power than others.

• Backing material - The backing material of hook and loop tapes can vary, including fabric, plastic, or foam. Each material offers different properties such as flexibility, durability, and ease of attachment. Choose the appropriate backing material based on the specific application requirements.

• Adhesive quality - If opting for adhesive backed tapes, consider the quality of the adhesive. Ensure it has strong bonding properties and is suitable for the surface to which it will be applied. Adhesive quality plays a crucial role in the tape's ability to adhere securely.

• Width and length - Select the appropriate width and length of the tape based on the intended use. Consider the desired coverage area and the necessary overlap or fastening strength.

• Reusability - Determine if the tape needs to be reusable or if a permanent fastening is desired. Some tapes are designed for repeated opening and closing, while others offer a more permanent bond.

• Colour options - Consider the available colour options if aesthetics are important for your application. Hook and loop tapes are available in various colours, allowing for coordination or visual identification.

• Application surface - Evaluate the surface on which the tape will be used. Some tapes may adhere better to specific surfaces, such as fabrics, plastics, or metals. Ensure compatibility for optimal fastening performance.

• Health and safety - Consider factors such as non-toxicity, hypoallergenic properties, or compliance with safety standards, especially if the tape will be used in applications involving human contact or sensitive environments.


Why is it called hook and loop and not Velcro® tape?
Much like the now commonly used and interchangeable terms of "hoover" and "vacuum cleaner", Velcro® is a brand name and they are the original manufacturer of what is now known as hook and loop fasteners. Hook and loop is the generic term that applies to the product when manufactured from other brands that aren't Velcro®.