Toilet Cleaners & Fresheners

An essential product that contributes to hygiene and overall cleanliness, toilet cleaners and fresheners are an indispensable range of products designed to keep bathroom facilities looking and working at their best.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products, including toilet cleaners & fresheners, that are suitable for use in any type of bathroom - whether at home or in the workplace.

What are toilet cleaners?

Toilet cleaners are antibacterial solutions used to clean toilets in order to maintain cleanliness and eliminate unwanted odours and germs.

Why buy toilet cleaners?

Toilet cleaners & fresheners work to keep home, business, or organisational facilities adhering to the very highest of hygienic and aesthetic standards, presenting a clean and professional image to anyone who uses them.

Frequent usage of toilet cleaners can minimise the chance of illness, infection, or infestation within personal or public bathrooms.

When are toilet cleaners used?

As the name suggests, toilet cleaners are used in all types of bathroom facilities. Bathroom cleanliness is an important hygiene standard for workplaces around the globe. They are primarily used by janitorial and housekeeping professionals.

From warehouses to offices to at home, bathroom cleanliness is vital. Without it, bathrooms and facilities can lead to unpleasant smells at best, or pipe leakage and damage at worst. It's considered far better to keep facilities clean rather than repair the expensive damage that negligence can cause.

Need a hand choosing the right bathroom hygiene products for you? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised and free advice to help you find the right solutions for your home or workspace.

Considerations when choosing toilet cleaners

When choosing toilet cleaners and fresheners, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best products for your needs:

• Container type - Bathroom hygiene products are available in tubs, bottles, packets, clips, and more. Bigger containers tend to yield better value, so pick the size that suits you best.
• Fragrance - From fresh citrus to fruity mango and all kinds of other pleasant smells, a consistent bathroom fragrance can prevent unwanted smells from taking hold and leaking into other rooms.
• Urinal care - Public bathrooms often have urinals which benefit from proper hygiene products that are different in nature to standard toilets. Urinal screens and urinal channel blockers can help keep urinals clean and fresh.

Toilet cleaner jargon buster

There are a few different standards to take note of when it comes to toilet cleaners & fresheners:

EN1276 - Bactericidal efficacy of cleaning products
EN13697 - Efficacy of use against fungi and/or bacteria


How often should you clean toilet?

It is recommended to clean home toilets at least once per week, small business toilets daily, and heavy-traffic toilets in public places or busy offices multiple times per day to provide effective protection from odours and bacteria.